Scarborough Shoal Philippines

Philippines VS China – Peaceful Resolution and the Provocation of PRC

Ms. Bonnie S. Glaser

.. and fourth element is supporting and enhancing defensive capabilities of Allies and partners we’ve this is mostly the Philippines and Vietnam.

I think we’ve heard a good deal about this yesterday by U.S. maritime Security Systems to Southeast Asia overall will exceed 156,000,000 Million Dollars in the 2014-2015 timeframe. On and secretary defense Hagel, talked about this, at length in his speech to the shagri-la dialog¬†up a fifth element is backing multilateral frameworks, for cooperation risk reduction in dispute resolution the code of conduct of course, being essential part of that encourage and southeast Asian claimants to work together is also any I think that increasingly important element of the strategy so to the extent that the Philippines Vietnam and Malaysia which
are already got together wants….

Dr. Chua Shulong
Tsinghua University, China

Discuss China Policy in South China Sea

Yoji Koda
Vice Admiral
Japan Marine United Corp and ITOCHU Corp

Discusses Provocation of China, the reclamation of islands in spratly islands which believe a military base and the status of Scarbourough shoal and more…

Events: The Provocation of China

Vietnam and China = PPC’s Oil Drilling Attempt in Paracel Islands
Philippines and China = Second Thomas Shoal Blockade of Supply Ship to Second Thomas Shoal
Philippines and China – Seizure of the Philippines’ Scarborough Shoal
Vietnam/ Philippines and China – Land Filling of Johnson South Reef
Malaysia and China – Provocation in James Shoal

Dr. Charmaine Misalucha
Assistant Professor in International Studies Department
De La Salle University, Philippines
* Identifying Southeast Asia Responses to US Policy in South China Sea
* PH-US Enhanced Defense Cooperation Agreement
* ASEAN States Reaction of Conflict in South China Sea and more


Some Questions

US P8 Posiedon Aircraft to assist in the Philippines?
US Response to Scarborough Shoal?
Ratification of UNCLOS?

Some Answer

US Surveillance Aircraft Deployed during Standoff Philippines and China in Second Thomas Shoal – Ayungin Shoal

What Japan Concluded in response of Scarborough Shoal?
Answered by: Vice Adm. Yoji Koda