Month: August 2017

North Korea

US President Warns North Korea a Big Trouble

President Donald Trump has threatened North Korea to assume “big, big trouble” if anything falls to the US territory of Guam. Talking at his Bedminister, New Jersey golf resort, he promised the area would be “very safe, believe me.” Mr. Trump told the US could impose further sanctions, “as strong as they get,” on North […]

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China Will Help North Korea if US Attack

China will continue being neutral if North Korea fires missiles at United States territory first, but if the U.S. starts a pre-emptive strike, against Pyongyang, the country would come to aide Noth Korea. While not direct government policy, that decision of how the country should respond to the unfolding nuclear warnings from the U.S. and […]

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Philippines Need not to be Alarm Against North Korean Missiles

There is little risk that a North Korean missile will hit the Philippines if the rogue state does well on its threat to fire a salvo toward Guam, according to Armed Forces of the Philippines spokesperson Brig. Gen. Restituto Padilla. Padilla also told there was a “remote” chance that debris from the missile’s disintegration could […]

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China Dissatisfied US Actions Against its Occupied Islands

China revealed its “strong dissatisfaction” with the U.S. over the Navy’s latest freedom of navigation operation in which a warship traveled past one of China’s human-made islands in the contested West Philippine Sea. The U.S. destroyer navigated past Mischief Reef Thursday as part of a freedom of navigation operation in international waters, a U.S. navy […]

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Headless Bodies Found by Security Forces in Basilan

A police report on Monday, t they saw the decomposing bodies of seven Filipino farmers who were abducted and beheaded by Abu Sayyaf gunmen believed to be the victims of kidnappings in two towns on the southern island of Basilan. Two of the seven killed men were abducted two weeks ago by gunmen under Abu […]

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