China First Island and Second Island Chain

Ph Vietnam to Sign Cooperation Pact

The strategic partnership agreement between Philippine and Vietnam would likely be signed on the sidelines of the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation’s Leaders Meeting in Manila on November 18 and 19 this year. Vietnam Ambassador to the Philippines Truong Trie Duong is negotiating already for the partnership were over and started finalizing the draft of the agreement. […]

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Thailand Needs 4,000 English Teachers

Thailand has opened schools teaching the different languages of the Southeast Asian countries in preparation for the creation of the ASEAN Economic Community by the end of the year. Thai government is hoping to employ up 4,000 Filipinos who can teach English in Thailand. The Prime Minister of Thailand and President Aquino have the same […]

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Shipbuilding works

Philippines Shipbuilding Law Move Forward

A Naval Architecture bill is proposed for the local shipbuilding industry that would upgrade and strengthen the Philippine Army . The bill’s principal author, Angkla party-list Rep. Jesulito Manalo said House Bill 5535 will be a pattern shift towards uplifting the already inappropriate practice of naval architecture and marine engineering in the Philippines. The proposed […]

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Airbus C-295 Light lift

Philippine Air Force Allocates 4.2 Million to C295 Spare Parts

The Philippine Air Force allocate  P42 million budget  for the purchase of spare parts for the communication navigation and environmental systems of  Medium lift C-295 transport aircraft. The bid is open to all who have purchase the bidding certificates worth P5,000. The pre-bid meeting is scheduled on Thursday, September 3, 2015 at the Air Force Procurement […]

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Philippine Marines

Philipine Army To Add More Than 2000 Recruit Soldiers

The recruitment for 2,300 soldiers this year is now on going in different units across the country. The 10th Infantry Division currently needs 200 soldiers while the Mechanized Infantry Division needs 120 candidate soldiers.  Each unit has an average quota between 50 to 100 soldiers. The Training and Doctrine Command, Division Training Schools, Combat Support […]

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