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Combat helicopter

Philippine Air Force 2015 – 8 Brand New Attack Helicopters

Shortly after the awarding of three 3 Philippine Navy Helicopter, the Philippine Air Force immediately plan to  acquire new attack helicopter. By  June 2013, DND confirmed the acquisition of brand new attack helicopter. In October  2013,  AgustaWestland company won the bidding to supply 8 attack helicopters. Under the 3.44 billion contract price, the helicopter must have […]

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Balikpapan class

Philippine Navy 2015 – To Receive Landing Class Heavy Ships from Australia

The Philippine Navy is expected to receive two supply ships ( HMAS Tarakan L 129 and HMAS Brunei L 127 ) Balikpapan-class landing craft heavy from Australian Navy (RAN). The HMA Ships Labuan, Tarakan Brunei were decommissioned in November 2014. Landing Craft Heavy DetailsLength: 44.5 meters Beam: 10.1 meters Draught: 2 meters Displacement: 364 tons standard, 517 […]

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Philippine Marines

US and Philippine Marines Behind Enemy Lines

MV-22 Tiltrotor Ospreys flew in dropping off infantry men from 4th Marine Regiment along with their Filipino counterparts into the valley to start the field training exercise Combined Vigilance. United States and Philippine Marines conduct a regimental aerial assault into Crow Valley, Philippines, during exercise Balikatan 2015. The large scale exercise in Crow Valley is […]

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Philippine Air Force and US Marines Specialist

Philippines and US Marines Firefighting Specialist Response F/A-18C Engine Failure

The Philippine Air Force firefighters train side by side with US Marines rescue and firefighting specialist to respond simulated engine failure and fire. An F/A-18C Hornet conduct an arrested landing at Clark Air Field, Pampanga, Republic of the Philippines. The arresting equipment is a mechanical system used to rapidly decelerate an aircraft as it lands. The […]

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9 dash line

Who Will Control the South China Sea?

Peter Dutton, Director of China Maritime Studies Institute in the Center for Naval Warfare Studies of the Naval War College, speaks with Ernest Bower, Director of the CSIS Southeast Asia Program, about the conflicting claims over the South China Sea and what that means for international relations. Discusses the 9 dash line of China, China’s […]

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Philippines and US Marines Logistic Support

Philippines and U.S. Marines Develop Logistical Skills

The Marines partnered together for 10 days of training to share their knowledge of expeditionary logistics. The Marines trained bilaterally on vehicle recovery practical applications, preventative vehicle maintenance, heavy equipment operations, landing support techniques and wrecker vehicle capabilities. Philippine and U.S. Marines conduct bilateral logistics training at Crow Valley, Philippines, during Exercise Balikatan 2015. Includes […]

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