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Vietnam Oil Field

Philippines Restart Gas Exploration in West Ph Sea

Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte has lifted his predecessor’s ban on oil exploration in the West Philippine Sea, bringing the country one step closer to implementing a joint exploration deal with China. Duterte’s shift to China policy enabled the signing of a memorandum of understanding between Manila and Beijing for a joint oil and gas exploration […]

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Philippine Troops Rescued the British National in Sulu

AFP troops from the Army’s 2nd Special Forces Battalion have saved the kidnapped British national and his wife. Government troops rescued the businessman Allan Arthur Hyrons and Welma Paglinawan-Hyrons before 9 a.m. after a firefight with Abu Sayyaf troops took around 10 minutes. Bandits fleed away and leave the couple n the town of Parang, […]

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Chinese Fishing Vessel Sailed Away Together With Ten Japanese Inspector

Japan government protested to China as Chinese trawler suspected poaching off Japan’s Coast and sailed away with Japanese inspectors on board. Chief Cabinet Secretary Yoshihide Suga said the boarding occurred on November 5 in Japan’s exclusive economic zone off Kagoshima, adding that a complaint about the “vicious” case had been made via diplomatic channels. The […]

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Malacanang Ignore Chinese Warship Drill in South China Sea

Beijing shows its military might this week as its aircraft carrier Liaoning undoubtedly took part in a huge naval drill. Malacañang downplayed the presence of Chinese vessels in the South China Sea, saying it is not a cause for concern for the Philippines. “No cause (for) alarm as a show of force is not directed […]

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In Response to “US Freedom of Navigation” China Will Conduct Military Drills

In response to “freedom of navigation” operation on Friday, a US Navy destroyer USS Mustin came within 12 nautical miles of an artificial island (Mischief Reef / Kagitingan Reef) China has built. China’s air force will hold another round of drills in the West Philippine Sea and the Western Pacific, calling such exercises the best […]

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Philippines Admits China’s Land Reclamation and Militarization in West Philippine Sea out of ASEAN communique

On Tuesday, Philippines’ top diplomat acknowledged that he did not want to involve concerns about China’s land reclamation and militarization exercises in the South China Sea in the ASEAN foreign ministers’ joint communique. The joint communique appeared Sunday evening, however, turned out to mention “non-militarization” and “self-restraint” among the conduct of parties in the disputed […]

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India ICBM

India Closer to Border War with China

Buried in the Himalayas in the Siliguri Corridor, also recognized as the Chicken’s neck, Chinese and Indian military forces sit on the particular sides of their large borders and defend themselves for what could become a shooting war among nuclear powers. Both Beijing and New Delhi see the opposition as a shoving match for dominance […]

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Mischief Reef

Philippines Will Remain Friendly To China Despite Putting Facilities in Disputed Islands

DAVAO CITY, April 10 (PNA) – President Rodrigo R. Duterte is firm on putting structures, including mounting the Philippine flag, in the West Philippine Sea, but emphasized the “Philippines will maintain good relations with the People’s Republic of China.” The President also stressed he will claim Philippine ownership over Benham Rise. “China can relax. We […]

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CVN 77

No Naval Patrols in West Philippine Sea and its Limit

He said he had no intention of aggressively pursuing the Philippine maritime claim and taking on China and the only power capable of doing so was the United States. Interviewed by CNN Philippines, Duterte said it would happen “during my time, ” but he was not yet ready to discuss the ruling by the Permanent […]

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The United States Expelled 35 Russian Diplomats

The United States has expelled 35 Russian diplomats and closed two Russian compounds in a response that Barack Obama says was “necessary and appropriate” to “efforts to harm US interests.” White House report said, “Russia’s cyber activities were intended to influence the election, erode faith in US democratic institutions, sow doubt about the integrity of our […]

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China’s Missile System Deployment and the Philippines’ Concern

In July 2016, the International Tribunal in Hague dismissed China’s rights on disputed islands and criticized its action in the South China Sea, including the construction of artificial land. Chinese president, Xi Jinping said, “China’s territorial sovereignty and marine rights in the seas would not be affected by the ruling,” which declared vast areas of […]

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150,000 Pesos of Balikbayan Box is now Tax Free

MANILA – Starting December 25, balikbayan boxes with values not exceeding Php 150,000 will be exempted from paying duties and taxes. Bureau of Customs Administrative Order 05-2016 lifts taxes on balikbayan boxes for qualified Filipinos while abroad, including Filipino citizens who are residing abroad and Filipinos who are holders of a student, investors, and tourist […]

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Revoking of Visiting Forces Agreement Was Just A Warning – Palace

MANILA,  (PNA) – Malacanang on Sunday clarified that President Rodrigo Duterte was just warning when he said he told the United States to prepare for an abrogation of the Visiting Forces of Agreement (VFA). ”It was a warning. It was really something the President said he will void,” Presidential Communications Office (PCO) Assistant Secretary Ana […]

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West Philippine Sea Dispute to Discuss in Vietnam – DFA

MANILA – President Rodrigo Duterte is ready to address the West Philippine Sea or South China Sea dispute if the issue comes up during his expected two-day visit to Vietnam, a foreign affairs spokesman said on Monday. ”The President will be prepared to discuss the South China Sea issue,” Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) spokesman […]

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European Union and United Nations Rapporteurs Should Follow President Duterte’s Protocol

MANILA — The European Union (EU) and United Nations (UN) rapporteurs should follow protocol once President Rodrigo R. Duterte decides to invite them to make their investigation on the controversial extrajudicial killings issue, the Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) said Friday. DFA spokesman and Assistant Secretary Charles Jose bared this when asked if the Philippine […]

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Bureau of Immigration Released 117 Indonesian Illegal Passport Holder

MANILA — The Bureau of Immigration (BI) has released the 117 Indonesian nationals who were arrested for holding Philippine passports to the custody of the Indonesian embassy in Manila. Atty. Antonette Mangrobang, BI Spokesperson, confirmed that the foreigners were under Indonesian Embassy supervision since Friday. “They have been released to the Indonesian embassy by the […]

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Scorpene Class Submarine

Future Australian Submarine in Jeopardy?

CANBERRA – French shipbuilder DCNS is seeking legal action against The Australian newspaper as it fears its publication could reveal secret details of its Scorpene-class submarines after more than 22,000 files were leaked to the public last week. In April 2016, France has beaten Germany and Japan to build a 12   submarine for Australia […]

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No War Between China and the Philippines – Duterte

MANILA – President Rodrigo Roa Duterte on Monday said that he wishes to seat in front of the Chinese Ambassador or his representative to lay down the Philippines’ position regarding the West Philippine issue (South China Sea) as he reiterated his stand for peace. President Duterte in his speech during the commemoration of the National […]

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