Filipino Soldiers Advances Rebels Positions

Published on July 18, 2017 by

During the Battle of Marawi or also known as the Marawi siege. Filipino army troops are still doing their best against their opponent Maute group. Army advances on the Maute position as the battle in Marawi continue to stop the invasion of the terrorist.

Troops are placing their forces and seeking in the area where Maute group was hiding, as what the report said “’Around 60 to 70 Maute militants remain in the city” During their time of fighting against Maute, Government troops were seen launching mortar shells against militant positions as infantry units moved forward. Also, The Filipino soldiers were hit by a rocket propelled grenades and came under sniper fire as they crossed bridges over the Agus river area toward the city’s commercial center, an area held by the militants since May 23.

Many soldiers died, and about 40 were wounded during several hours battle that showed recapturing Marawi City from an estimated 200 Islamic State militants was becoming harder by the day.

The offensive to retake the town, in the middle of the southern Philippine region of Mindanao, is now in its 4th week.

As the war passed by many areas was affected causing a destruction of many house and infrastructure, but it is for our country, for the peace of Filipino families and the community of Marawi city.

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