The Malaysian Special Forces Documentary

Published on December 30, 2016 by

The Malaysian Special Operations Force (Malay: Pasukan Operasi Khusus Malaysia) is a multi-service force tasked with a counter-terrorism mission. It consists of 10 Paratrooper Brigade, Grup Gerak Khas (GGK), Pasukan Khas Laut (PASKAL), Pasukan Khas Udara (PASKAU), 69 Komando PGK (VAT69), Unit Tindak Khas (UTK), Unit Gempur Marin (UNGERIN), Trup Tindakan Cepat (meaning: Rapid Actions Troops) and Special Task And Rescue (STAR)
The eight elements of Malaysia’s Special Operations Force have been tasked with the important objective of maintaining Malaysia’s security, specifically in combating terrorism.

In November 2003 Malaysia passed new counter-terrorism laws that were widely criticized by local human rights groups for being vague and excessively broad. Critics claim that the laws put the basic rights of free expression, association, and assembly at risk. Malaysia persisted in holding around 100 alleged militants without trial, including five Malaysian students detained for alleged terrorist activity while studying in Karachi, Pakistan.



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