Philippine Navy Send Off Ceremony India

Philippine Navy Joins First-Ever ASEAN-India Maritime Exercise 2023

The Philippine Navy has sent off a contingent, led by Fleet-Marine Ready Force Commander BGen Edwin Amadar, to participate in the ASEAN-India Maritime Exercise (AIME) 2023. The send-off ceremony was held on April 27, 2023, at the Naval Operating Base in Subic. The contingent, consisting of 140 members, will be on board the BRP Antonio Luna FF151 – PF with an embarked AW109 naval helicopter.

AIME 2023 is a first-of-its-kind exercise that aims to enhance interoperability and the exchange of best practices among participating navies. The event will take place in Singapore from May 2 to 8, 2023, and will include harbor and at-sea events.

Apart from the AIME 2023, the Philippine contingent will also attend the International Maritime Defense Exhibition Asia (IMDEX) 2023 in Singapore. IMDEX 2023 is a coinciding event that provides a platform for the defense and maritime sectors to foster engagements and showcase the latest innovations.

The Fleet Marine Ready Force leadership led by the Commander, BGen Edwin Amadar, waves at BRP Antonio Luna (FF151) as they get underway to participate in the ASEAN-India Maritime Exercise (AIME) 2023
Photo by: Philippine Navy

The participation of the Philippine Navy in this exercise fulfills the requirement to enhance the skills of its personnel with the influx of modern assets. It also conveys its unwavering commitment to enhancing cooperation with the ASEAN and Indian navies toward regional peace and stability.

The Philippine Navy is one of the most important navies in Southeast Asia, with a long history of ensuring the safety and security of Philippine waters. Its participation in AIME 2023 and IMDEX 2023 demonstrates the country’s commitment to enhancing its naval capabilities and fostering international cooperation.

The Navy’s participation in the ASEAN-India Maritime Exercise 2023 is a significant step toward enhancing cooperation among regional navies. It provides an opportunity for participating countries to exchange ideas, share best practices, and strengthen their naval capabilities. It is a clear demonstration of the Philippine Navy’s commitment to promoting peace and stability in the region.