Philippine Navy Aw109 Power Helicopter

Eight Brand New Attack Helicopters Acquisition

Department of National Defense explains that the project would engage the purchase of eight helicopters with full night function potential, complete weapons system and integrated logistics hold package. These helicopters shall be capable of performing close air support during day and night.

The potential bidder, to be qualified, must have completed within 10 years from the date of submission of bids a contract similar to the project. Bids that are higher than the approved budget contract of P3.4 billion will be rejected at the outset.

The helicopters are obliged to be delivered within 540 calendar days from the opening of the letter of credit, which serves as an assurance that the government would compensate the winning bidder.

The Air Force’s inventory has been depleted due to current accidents that killed some of its pilots. The guiding principles of this project shall be based on affordability and sustainability while conforming to the requirements of the PAF in furtherance of accomplishing its mission.