Philippine Air Force Maritime Patrol Aircraft

DND Bidding Patrol Aircraft and Support Planes Started

The two long range patrol to be acquired by the Department of National Defense has started the procurement process and six close air support aircraft as part of efforts to advance the capabilities of the Air Force. It includes sensors, sensors integration, mission support facilities and integrated logistics support package.

Released by bid bulletins from the agency showed that the long-range maritime patrol aircaft acquisition project has an approved budget of P5.98 billion while the close air support planes cost P4.97 billion. Complete sets of documents may be purchased from the defense department’s Bids and Awards Committee for P75, 000 each for the two projects.

The cut-off date for the submission of bids for the first stage of the project is June 2014. A technical working cluster will evaluate the offers to determine who are qualified to move on to the second phase. Qualified bidders shall be notified for the second stage bidding procedure upon completion of the evaluation and validation of the submitted documents during the first stage bidding. The winning bidder is obliged to deliver the air assets within 1,035 calendar days from the receipt of notice toward proceed from the government.