Japan Maritime Patrol Aircraft

Philippines Eager on Acquiring P-3C Maritime Aircraft

MANILA, June 25, 2015(PNA) –The Department of National Defense (DND) on Thursday confirmed that the country is interested in acquiring P-3C “Orion” maritime patrol and surveillance aircraft from Japan.

“We are interested in acquiring them (P-3Cs) especially if they become excess defense articles as we can acquire it at a very reasonable price which is advantageous to the government,” National Defense spokesperson Dr. Peter Paul Galvez said.

Japan is in the process of replacing its P-3Cs with its homegrown Kawasaki Heavy P-1 patrol aircraft, which has twice the range of the “Orion,” which is pegged at 2,380 nautical miles.

The Japanese military is known to operate 70 plus units of P-3Cs.

And when asked if the country is capable of maintaining and operating the P-3C, Galvez said that the DND would try to program it from its budget.

He also admitted that the P-3C transfer was mention in passing during the June visit of President Benigno S. Aquino III to Japan. (PNA)