Taiwan Looks Forward To Working With Duterte

One of the countries geographically close to the Philippines looks forward to working with the new government.

According to the ministry of Taiwan, the country hopes to work with the new government to continue cooperation, deepen bilateral relations, maintaining close exchanges in trade, investment and tourism.

Unofficial election tallies shows Mayor Duterte, the tough-talking mayor of Davao, won by a landslide. He was already garnered 16 percentage points ahead of the next Presidential candidate.

After the announcement of the election results, Taiwan will immediately send a congratulatory message to the Philippine President and Vice President- Elect, Taiwan foreign ministry said.

As stated by the Philippine Commission on Elections, the official election results are expected to be announced week after the elections.

Duterte’s Visit to Taiwan

In January 2016, the Davao Mayor paid three-day visit to Taiwan. He aimed to have a better understanding of the Political, Economic, Social and infrastructure development of the country.

During the visit, the mayor together with his executive assistant were accompanied by Dr. Gary Song- Huann Lin, Duterte then met the Taiwanese law enforcement personnel and Overseas Filipino Workers.

Duterte is said to be very friendly with Taiwanese businessmen in Davao City, where he was a mayor until he runs for the presidency.

In fact, he also visited Taiwan in 2012 to promote police exchanges between Davao City and Taiwan. The Mayor also met with Taiwanese law enforcement officials and discussed about bilateral cooperation in combating crime in the region.

The Philippines – China interests in West Philippine Sea

Duterte is willing to talk to the Chinese officials to settle the territorial dispute between the two countries. The Philippines and China have been through a tense standoff because of unresolved Scarborough Shoal and Spratly Islands ownership.

The upcoming Philippine President elect is also willing to form partnerships with China in extracting gas and oil deposits, believed to be in the disputed area. Amidst the fact that Duterte mentions on his campaigns,

He will ride a jet ski going to the disputed shoal and plant Philippine Flag to stake the Philippine claim

However, that was just a joke, in fact he is willing to continue the Philippines UN case against China, his spokesman said.