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JMSDF Hatakaze Class Destroyer

The Hatakaze Class Guided Missile destroyer is a third generation vessel in service with the Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force Mission: Anti-submarine warfare (ASW) Anti-surface Warfare (ASUW) Destroyer Specifications speed: 30 knots length: 150m feet beam 16.4m feet draft 4.8m JDS Hatakaze (DDG-171) JDS Shimakaze (DDG-172) Armament: • RGM-84 Harpoon SSM • Standard missile MR SAM […]

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JMSDF Murasame Class Destroyer Details

The Japan Maritime Self-defense Force (JMSDF) Murasame Class Destroyer was a successor to the Asagiri class. Murasame Class Destroyer Ships JDS Murasame (DD-101) JDS Harusame (DD-102) JDS Yudachi (DD-103) JDS Kirisame (DD-104) JDS Inazuma (DD-105) JDS Samidare (DD-106) JDS Ikazuche (DD-107) JDS Akebono (DD-108) JDS Ariake (DD-109)  

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JMSDF Kongo Class Guided Missile Destroyer

The Kongou class missile guided destroyer is a modified version of the US Navy’s Arleigh Burke Class destroyer. The destroyer is armed with the RIM-66 SM-2MR block II surface-to-air missiles and the RGM-84 Harpoon anti-ship missiles . Kongo-class – Guided missile destroyer (Aegis) JDS Kongo (DDG-173) JDS Kirishima (DDG-174) JDS Myoko (DDG-175) JDS Chokai (DDG-176) […]

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JMSDF Atago Class Guided Missile Destroyer

The Atago Class Guided Missile Destroyers is an upgraded version of Kongo Class Missile Guide destroyer. The ship is almost equivalent to United States Navy Arleigh Burke Class Destroyer variant. Guided missile destroyer (Aegis) JDS Atago (DDG-177), JDS Ashigara (DDG-178) ,Aircraft carried: 1 × SH-60K Anti-submarine helicopter

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JMSDF Asagiri Class Destroyer

The Asagiri Class Destroyer is well equipped for anti-submarine work. Equipment includes Mk16 anti-submarine rocket octuple launcher and two HOS 302A triple 324mm torpedo tubes for Type 68 anti-submarine warfare torpedoes. Mission: Anti-submarine Warfare (ASW) Anti-surface Warfare (ASUW) JDS Asagiri(dd-151) JDS Yamagiri(dd-152) JDS Yugiri(dd-153) JDS Amagiri(dd-154) JDS Hamagiri(dd-155) JDS Setogiri(dd-156) JDS Sawagiri(dd-157) JDS Umigiri (dd-158) […]

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JMSDF Akizuki Class Destroyer

The Akizuki Class Destroyer (also known as 19DD) is designed to escort the Japan Maritime Self-defense Force  four (4) Kongou Class Missile Guided destroyers.   Mission: Anti-submarine Warfare Anti-surface Warfare Ship Number and Designation: JDS Akizuki (DD-115) JDS Teruzuki (DD-116) JDS Suzutsuki (DD-117) JDS Fuyuzuki (DD-118) Aircraft: SH-60K Anti-submarine The Akizuki Class is design to […]

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