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The Balikatan 2023 joint military exercise brought together the Philippines and US Marines for unique military interoperability drills that focused on sharing martial arts techniques. The military drills included hand-to-hand combat, arnis, and both defensive and offensive attacks.

The drills took place in two locations – Naval Base Camilo Osias and Santa Juliana, both in the Philippines. This allowed for a comprehensive exchange of knowledge and experience between the two military forces. The Philippine Marines were able to learn from the expertise of their US counterparts, while also showcasing their own martial arts techniques.

One notable inclusion in the drills was the use of arnis, a traditional Filipino martial art involving sticks. The use of this technique highlights the significance of preserving and promoting cultural heritage within the military. This will also serve as a valuable opportunity for the Philippine and US Marines to enhance their combat skills and deepen their understanding of each other’s military tactics and techniques.

Overall, the martial arts drills were proof to the strong partnership between the Philippines and US military forces. It boast the commitment to collaboration, knowledge-sharing, and cultural exchange. By sharing martial arts techniques, both military forces were able to improve their combat skills and build stronger relationships with each other. This is an important step towards ensuring the safety and security of both nations, as well as fostering greater global understanding and cooperation.

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