Green Berets Trained Philippine National Police in Maritime Enforcement

Published on January 16, 2023 by

Unit level trainings have been conducted by troops on the ground, but this time together with foreign counterparts. This is a different element, and a different approach has been taken to learn from the tactics, techniques, and procedures of others. This would be a huge contribution when the troops get back to their teams. The training received is also applied in training schools, making it very significant. The Green Berets approach is different from what the troops are used to, but it is a lot of help and best practices can also be applied.

During the exchange, discussions were held on how to conduct post-porters battle, how to perform life-saving medical care and how to conduct Maritime and eviction. These types of engagements have been done for decades, and the fruit of that is seen in the strong relationships that have been built with international partners. The historical examples of when they were able to work together in the past helps to build the narrative that the relationship between the two nations is strong.

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