Philippine Soldiers Demonstrate Skills in Helicopter Rope Suspension Technique

Published on January 16, 2023 by

During Marine Aviation Support Activities, training on the Helicopter Rope Suspension Technique was conducted by U.S. Marines with Expeditionary Operations Training Group and Marine Medium Tilt-Rotor Squadron (VMM) 265, along with Philippine soldiers. The training aimed to demonstrate the skills of the Philippine soldiers in the use of the Osprey helicopter rope suspension technique.

The Helicopter Rope Suspension Technique is a specialized method that was developed to allow for the insertion and extraction of ground forces, primarily reconnaissance teams, into and from challenging terrain, urban areas, or water, using a helicopter. This technique is particularly useful in situations where traditional insertion and extraction methods, such as landing zones, may not be feasible or safe. The use of the Osprey helicopter, equipped with a rope suspension system, allows for the insertion and extraction of troops to be carried out quickly, safely and efficiently.

The training provided to the Philippine soldiers enables them to be proficient in the use of this technique and provides them with an added capability to effectively conduct operations in challenging environments. The training also serves to strengthen the partnership between the U.S. Marines and the Philippine soldiers, as they learn and work together to improve their capabilities. The shared knowledge and skills acquired during this training will greatly enhance the readiness and effectiveness of both the U.S. and Philippine forces in any future joint operations.

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