Philippines and United States Allies in Combined Coastal Defense Drills

Published on January 16, 2023 by

Training events during Balikatan 22, including amphibious assault, air and surface defense were conducted by the First Battalion Third Marines along with the Philippine Marine Corps allies. A combined commitment operations center planning process, as well as a combined Maritime coastal defense was also carried out. Most importantly, area denial operations were conducted.

Counter Landing defense was run through by U.S Marines alongside Filipino Marines, which incorporated heavy machine guns as well as Stinger missiles, Javellin missiles and obstacles from the engineer platoon. This was beneficial as it allowed for understanding of what each unit does well and what their capabilities are, which will allow for better coordination and integration of efforts. Training with a partner nation like the Philippines has been beneficial in building confidence in the partnership.

It also helps for the Filipinos to be able to teach what they know and for the U.S Marines to demonstrate their capabilities to the Filipinos, showing that they are a good partner to have in the facility. A ship to shore operation was also carried out, which included anti-air defense, anti-tank missiles,  machine guns.

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