Philippines and US Marines – Joint Sniper Range and Simulated Raid Operations

Published on January 24, 2023 by

The Philippine Army and US Marines recently conducted a joint exercise at Fort Magsaysay, Nueva Ecija, Philippines. The exercise consisted of a simulated raid operation, where both forces worked together to successfully complete the mission. The objective of the exercise was to improve the interoperability of the two forces and enhance their ability to respond to different types of scenarios they may encounter in the field.

In addition to the simulated raid, the exercise also included sniper range drills, which were held at the Philippine Marines Base in Cavite. The sniper range drills focused on improving the accuracy and proficiency of the soldiers and marines in long-range shooting. The exercise provided an opportunity for the troops to practice and improve their marksmanship skills in a realistic and challenging environment.

The exercise was a success, and both the Philippine Army and US Marines were able to gain valuable experience and knowledge from working together. The training also helped to strengthen the bond and partnership between the two forces, as they were able to learn from each other’s tactics, techniques and procedures. The exercise not only improved the readiness of the troops but also enhanced the ability of the two forces to respond to different types of scenarios that they may encounter in the field.

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