US and Philippine Soldiers Enhancing Artillery Skills Using 105mm Howitzer

Published on October 13, 2018 by

The Filipino marine artillery battery, equipped with high-explosive rounds, was utilized during a fire support team exercise. The integration of the battery with the 6th Marines from Fox battery was conducted in order to observe and gather information on their methods, as well as to see if any of their methods could be of assistance.

The weapons used during the exercise included the Mike 101 alpha 1 howitzer, a 105 millimeter cannon, with the primary focus being the shooting of high-explosive rounds.

The process of shooting artillery involves the use of forward observers located on an observation post, who identify the target and pass on the target location and other information to the fire Direction Center. The fire commands are then sent down to the gun line, where the section Chiefs use the information to accurately shoot rounds downrange.

U.S Marines and Philippine Marines conduct barrage drills during KAMANDAG 2, Colonel Ernesto P. Ravina air base Oct. 7th, 2018. The Marines conduct these drills better prepare their battery artillery skills. With this exercise the combined training, troops have shared the specialty and learned its other.

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