US and Philippines Marines: Building Proficiency through Patrol Tactics

Published on January 25, 2023 by

The training focused on small unit tactics, including reconnaissance and surveillance, movement to contact, and ambushes. The U.S. Marines shared their experience and knowledge in these areas with their Philippine counterparts, while also learning from the unique tactics and techniques used by the Philippine Marines.

Throughout the training, the two forces worked together to conduct simulated patrols and missions, putting their newly acquired skills to the test in a realistic environment. The U.S. Marines and Philippine Marines also had the opportunity to operate and familiarize themselves with each other’s equipment, including weapons and vehicles.

The bilateral training was designed to improve the interoperability of the two forces and enhance their ability to respond to different types of scenarios they may encounter in the field. The U.S. Marines and Philippine Marines also developed strong relationships and camaraderie, building trust and confidence in their ability to work together effectively in future operations.

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