South Korea donate Landing Class Utility

Philippine Navy Successful Acquisition

Strategic Sealift Vessel – 3.864 billion for two Strategic Sealift Vessel (SSV) worth of contract awarded to PT Pal Indonesia. The vessels can be used for civil-military operations and for transporting large number of troops, logistics and supplies. Each vessels can accommodate up three helicopters. Evaluated in 2013 and contract approved in January 2014.

Medium Size Sea Replenishment – Approved and delivered to Philippine Navy
The Corvette and the LCU is being offered by Korean Government and its believed to be delivered in early 2015.

Note: The contract of AAV is not yet finally signed but since no other bidder I consider it a default winner. Let’s wait in early 2015 regarding the acquisition.

Amphibious attack Vehicle (AAV) – Samsung Techwin is the only bidder of this project and believed a variant of the AAV7A1. The vehicles are fitted with a standard one-person turret armed with a .50-calibre K6 machine gun and a 40 mm K4 Automatic Grenade Launcher. (Need Some more details)