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Philippine Air Force

Philippine Air Force 2015 – Successful Acquisition

  January 2014 – two Light lift transport aircraft worth 814 million pesos February 2014 – three air search radars from Israel Aerospace Industries Ltd.- Elta for P2.6 billion March 2014 – State arms procurement agency of South Korea signed a US$420 million contract to export 12 FA-50 fighter jets built by Korea Aerospace Industries […]

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Philippine Navy to Get Warship From Japan (JMSDF)

Japan government already provided a multi-billion pesos procurement of Philippine Coast Guard patrol ship. So at this time, is it possible for the Philippine Navy to get a warship from Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force? In July 2014 the Japanese government approved the reinterpretation of its self-defense forces allowing them to defend other allies in case […]

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Top 9 Philippine Navy Modernization Projects

The top 9  list of Philippine Air force modernization project. From acquisition of 5 naval helicopter, 3 multi purpose attack craft,  2 ASW Helicopter, a landing craft utility helicopter from South Korea, a Pohang Class Corvette , a tanker ship from PNOC, 2 units of strategic sea-lift vessel from Indonesia worth 4 billion pesos, frigates and […]

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Philippine Air Force FA-50

Top 11 Philippine Air Force Modernization Projects

The top 11 list of Philippine Air force modernization project. From acquisition of two light lift aircraft CN212 PT Dirgantara Indonesia, to eight close air support aircraft bidding, a 21 units of huey from Rice Aircraft Services and Canadian Company Eagle Copters Ltd., to 3 medium lift aircraft, two C130 Hercules from United States, to […]

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Additional Landing Craft Utility From South Korea

The South Korea Government will provide Philippines a landing craft utility (LCU) including a number  rubber boats and  computers. If the deal runs smoothly, this ship will be receive by end of the year. This ship already arrive in the country. The South Korean landing craft unit (LCU), which was donated to the Philippine Navy […]

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Philippine Navy 2015 – The Two Brand New Frigates Acquisition

From the offer and evaluation of Italian Maestrale Class Frigates… to a French frigate plan .. to a gossip of acquiring the decommissioned Oliver Hazard Perry-class frigate.. a South Korean defense manufacturer offer an Incheon Class Frigate variant and finally the Philippine Government decision to acquire two brand new multimission frigates that able to operate […]

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Japanese Missile Launch

Philippine Military Missile Defense Project and Acquisitions

In response of growing pressure of external threats. Raytheon awarded a contract to build maritime border security within 2 years. While waiting the Israel made Radar and still bidding for long range maritime patrol aircraft and Anti-submarine helicopter, a different type of missile defense project are in queue after this.

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South Korea donate Landing Class Utility

Philippine Navy Successful Acquisition

Strategic Sealift Vessel – 3.864 billion for two Strategic Sealift Vessel (SSV) worth of contract awarded to PT Pal Indonesia. The vessels can be used for civil-military operations and for transporting large number of troops, logistics and supplies. Each vessels can accommodate up three helicopters. Evaluated in 2013 and contract approved in January 2014. Medium […]

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JAS39 Fighter Jet

Philippine Air Force Next Multi Role Combat Aircraft

Is the Gripen ng the next advance multi role combat aircraft of the Philippine Air Force? After the successful deal of Korean Light Multi-Role Combat Aircraft  Fighting Eagle FA-50 was sealed. Philippine Air force is eyeing for advance MRCA and this aircraft is the main contender . Philippine Air force is interested in acquiring Swedish-made supersonic […]

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Philippines Rpg-7

Assault Rifle and 400 Units RPG-7 for Philippine Army

Last December Philippine Army received 100 Units of 81 mm Mortar from Serbia. This year 2014, the Philippine army will also receive some of more than 50000 assault rifle including ammunition from Remington manufacturer. Aside from rifles it also receive 400 units of United States Made RPG-7.  

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Amphibious Seacraft and Assault Vehicle

Philippine Navy acquires eight brand new amphibious assault vehicle from South Korea . A pending three (3) amphibious aircraft to used in search and rescue operation is also in queue as part of Philippine Navy Modernization. The acquisition has a budget up to six (6) billion pesos  

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C-130 Transport Aircraft

Refurbish C-130 Hercules Transport Aircraft

The United States government approved the sale of two Lockheed C-130 transport aircraft to Philippine Air Force.The cost of heavy transport aircraft acquisition is 2.67 billion pesos the including the two extra engines, equipment, parts, training and  logistical support.

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