Month: February 2015

Balikpapan class

Philippine Navy to Receive Balikpapan Class Ship

The two recently-decommissioned Landing Craft Heavy vessels, including a package of extra parts, are given to the Philippines Government from the Australian Government. The minister of Defense Mr. Andrews said that the former Royal Australian Navy vessels HMAS Tarakan and Brunei would be gifted to the Philippine Navy after being restored with new safety and navigation equipment. The Landing Craft […]

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Long range maritime patrol aircraft

Philippine Air Force Acquisition

Eight Attack Helicopter with night attack capability, A Squadron FA-50 Multi Role Jet Fighter , two  Light Lift Aircfraft, three Medium Lift Aircfraft Augusta Westland Helicopter for BRP Alcaraz and BRP Gregorio Del Pilar

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Italian Paratroopers Conduct Night Jump and Stryker Offloading

Night vision of paratroopers from 173rd Airborne Brigade, Royal Canadian Regiment and Italian Folgore Brigade jumping from Air Force C-130s into Lielvarde Air Base in Latvia. Subsequent landing and offloading of 2nd Cavalry Regiment Strykers from C-17s one hour after Airfield seizure. Steadfast Javelin Ii Is A Nato Exercise Involving Over 2,000 Troops From Nine […]

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Philippine Navy 2015 – The Two Brand New Frigates Acquisition

From the offer and evaluation of Italian Maestrale Class Frigates… to a French frigate plan .. to a gossip of acquiring the decommissioned Oliver Hazard Perry-class frigate.. a South Korean defense manufacturer offer an Incheon Class Frigate variant and finally the Philippine Government decision to acquire two brand new multimission frigates that able to operate […]

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United States and Japan Sniper

Japan Military Heavy Tanks and Armored Vehicle Firepower

To counter the aggression of China, Japan developed the capability of preparedness of its civil and military branches of  armed forces by performing heavy  training. The training include; Missile Firing/launching, Heavy Armored Tanks maneuvering and firing, Armored Vehicles, Missile Launch, Portable  Rocket Launching and more.

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