Philippine Coast Guard MRRV

Japan Coast Guard Maritime Capability

The Japan Coast Guard currently operates 455 watercraft and 73 aircraft which 27 of them are fixed wing and 46 are Helicopters. The Shikishima class (PLH) of the Japan is the world’s largest patrol vessel.

The Japan Coast Guard Watercraft Designation are the ff:

PLH (Patrol Vessel Large With Helicopter)
Displacement: 6,500 tons class

PL (Patrol Vessel Large)
a displacemnt of 3500 tons class

PM (Patrol Vessel Medium)
a displacement of 500 tons class

PS (Patrol Vessel Small)
220 tons class

PC (Patrol Craft)
23 metres to 35 metres class

CL (Craft Large)

15 to 20 metres class

FL (Fire fighting boat Large)

FM (Fire fighting boat Medium)