International Companies Start to Bid for AFP’s Night Fighting System Acquisition Project

The Philippines is looking for bidders after Night Fighting System with designated budget of Php 1.116 billion for 4,464 units. Night Fighting System that the Armed Forces of the Philippines are looking for are comprised of three major components mainly Night Vision Monocular (NVM), Infrared Aiming Device (IRAD), and Laser Zeroing Device (LZD). These three work well together for a better night defense of the country.

There were eight companies  bought bid documents, and these are:

  • United States-based Nightline, Incorporated
  • Local firm United Defense Manufacturing Corporation with its US-based associate Nivisys, LCC
  • Greek company Sensors S.A. with its local associate Intrade Asia Pacific Corporation
  • US-based Armasight Enterprises
  • US-headquatered Exelis, Incorporated
  • Turkish firm Aselsan Turkey with its local associate system Nomics Philippines, Incorporated
  • Local company Spartans 3 Trading Corporation
  • Israel-based Elbit Systems

Jose Macutay bought a bid documents but refused to disclose the name of the company but further stated that he is representing  a United States company.

The Night Vision Monocular is a single tube device use during night operations that can be weapon-mounted or helmet-mounted.

Infrared Aiming Device is used as aiming point for target acquisition, it determines the impact to make sure to hit the target right even during night time. Infrared light “can be seen using NVM [but] cannot be seen by the naked eye”, said Caduyac.

Laser Zeroing Device, on the other hand, is a tool for zeroing the sight of the weapon and the infraredto ensure that we are aiming the right target.”

The winning bidder is expected  two deliver each set of components in two  batches .