Chinese Navy Occupation of Vietnam’s Controlled Reefs

Published on January 2, 2017 by

The Chinese, mainly soldiers, are taught that the ocean area of Spratly islands with more than two hundred islands, reefs and atolls belongs to them.

Just because the Vietnamese Navy had refused to withdraw from the reef they occupied, the Chinese Navy used battleships and firing them with 37-mm anti-aircraft guns directly at the unarmed and light-armed Vietnamese sailors on the reefs.

This real footage, taken from the Chinese Navy during the invasion of the Spratly Islands on March 14th, 1988, is an undeniable proof of China’s crime. Using overwhelming armed forces,

the Chinese Navy killed 64 under-equipped Vietnamese sailors, destroyed and prevented unarmed Vietnamese vessels from saving the injured.

In the early months of 1988, the Chinese Navy had landed troops on five reefs and atolls of the Spratly Islands. Three of them lie quite near the large islands that Vietnam owns. The Vietnamese Navy then ferried supplies and equipment to six other reefs and atolls.

They successfully gained control of them and prevented the Chinese navy from extending their occupied zone into the other islands.

In early March, the High Commander of Vietnamese Navy decided to defend other three reefs because they were part of the Spratly Islands and forming an open chain of reefs around the Sin Cowe Island that were in control of Vietnam.

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