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Philippine Army 4th Infantry Division Receieved Troop Carrier Trucks and Ambulance

MANILA – The Cagayan De Oro-based 4th Infantry Division has gotten more mobile and capable after receiving 43 troop carrier trucks and ten ambulances Tuesday. “This is part of the modernization program and the continuing mobility enhancement program of the Army and is a product of a government-to-government procurement between the Republic of the Philippines […]

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Night Vision

International Companies Start to Bid for AFP’s Night Fighting System Acquisition Project

The Philippines is looking for bidders after Night Fighting System with designated budget of Php 1.116 billion for 4,464 units. Night Fighting System that the Armed Forces of the Philippines are looking for are comprised of three major components mainly Night Vision Monocular (NVM), Infrared Aiming Device (IRAD), and Laser Zeroing Device (LZD). These three work […]

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Amphibious Vehicle

Philippine Army Military Equipment Acquisition

Philippine Armed Forces Modernization Acquisition  2013 includes 100 Tanks, body armor, rocket launcher and more..

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