Chinese Military is Gearing Its Aide to Jungle Warfare with Brazil

Chinese military seek for assistance in the developing jungle warfare training capabilities in Brazil. The Brazilian officials in Centro de Instruçao de Guerra na Silve (CIGS), Brazil’s jungle warfare training center, revealed that China had booked with them to train their military force.

China now asks Brazil assistance to provide trainers to the program of Brazil in jungle warfare expertise to assist the former of their own program in their country, this was mentioned by Col. Alcimar Marques de Araújo, the commander of Centro de Instruçao de Guerra na Silve which was reported in Defense News.

While it is still vague why China would expand its military skills into engaging itself in the jungle warfare, it should be noted that its neighboring countries which it has disputes regarding the claims in South China Sea were countries with jungles and rainforest including Philippines, Brunei, Vietnam, Malaysia and Taiwan.

Dispute started when china had started island-reclamation and building military facilities which was opposed by the contesting countries because they said that it oppressed their right to claim their sovereignty. China was commanded to stop further developments but then they still continue to work on the alleged island.

Centro de Instruçao de Guerra na Silve has trained almost 6,000 officers in its 50th year celebration of running operations, including 500 foreign military officials in survival, foraging, navigation, fire and movements discipline, jungle hygiene procedures, and assault tactics. Countries who commonly ask for help is its neighboring countries in Latin America like Peru and Argentina, it had twenty seven (27) attendees from the United States, over 100 from Europe, more vastly from France and only one (1) student from Asia, China.

Its goal is to “train the trainers”, in courses limited to 100-120 students up to three times per year. The ten-week course and eight weeks for the senior officer’s course, teaches a wide range of variety of jungle warfare techniques for its students including medical training and in the diagnosis and treatment of different variety of diseases and ailments unique to the jungle environment. Once they graduated, they will conduct training for their troops in their own country.

Comando Militar da Amazônia (CMA-Amazon Military Command) provides special boarder platoons who offer not just security but also social and educational assistance to remote communities.

Precursor Pára Qedista (Parachute Pathfinder Company) within the Parachute Infantry Brigade based at Vila Militar outside Rio de Janeiro, provide training programs in place of neighboring nations.

Canadian Army is the next student of Brazil in the jungle warfare procedures.