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Disputed Area

Chinese Marine Corps Hold Aggressive Drill to Win War

The Chinese Marine Corps recently conducted massive amphibious landing drills in a move that, according to specialists, “it is aimed at gathering experience and winning wars.” Two ships involved in the drills are the Baxianshan landing ship from the People’s Liberation Army’s East China Sea Fleet and the Luoxiaoshan landing ship from the PLA South […]

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China Will Help North Korea if US Attack

China will continue being neutral if North Korea fires missiles at United States territory first, but if the U.S. starts a pre-emptive strike, against Pyongyang, the country would come to aide Noth Korea. While not direct government policy, that decision of how the country should respond to the unfolding nuclear warnings from the U.S. and […]

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China’s People’s Liberation Army Air Force To Continue Flight Drill

The Chinese People’s Liberation Army Air Force will keep handling drills at sea regardless of whatever obstacle it may encounter, China’s state broadcaster announced, following reports that Chinese warplanes crossed near Japan and Taiwan in recent days. The actions have faced and bought with a variety of forms of opposition and obstacle, but no matter […]

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Letter With Feather

China Ordered Cinema to Play Propaganda Film

Beijing regulators have ordered cinemas to give 45 percent screen share to the Friday opening of a lavish propaganda film celebrating the People’s Liberation Army. This weekend, Chinese moviegoers will have abundant opportunity to see their country’s latest big-budget propaganda movie. Beijing’s state media regulators have ordered cinemas over the country to provide substantial play […]

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Philippines to Upset China Over Drilling in Reed Bank?

More than two years ago Philippine energy officials ordered stop drilling for oil and natural gas in the West Philippines Sea as Beijing demands. The Southeast Asian country’s Department of Energy froze that purpose because the Philippines was planning for world court arbitration with China over who has the more rights to the field of […]

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China Open Movie Theater in West Philippine Sea

China opens movie theater on disputed island in the South China Sea to entertain troops and residents station in the occupied island. According to state media, Chinese soldiers and residents on the controlled Islands in the disputed South China Sea can now go to the cinema after the first movie cinema opened its doors on […]

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British Navy Escorted Chinese Warship in English Channel

The Royal Navy intercept a  group of Chinese warship as it sailed through the English Channel to attend Russian vessels for maneuvers in the Baltic Sea. In a display of Britain’s defense capabilities, the Type 23 frigate intercept the Chinese destroyers as they sailed through the Strait of Dover over the weekend. Just days earlier, […]

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China Should Send Submarine

Send Submarines to Indian Ocean a Chinese Expert Suggested

A Chinese expert suggested the Chinese government should give more submarines to the Indian Ocean in the face of concerns stated about China’s increasing military presence in the region. The report reflected China’s concerns over the ongoing Malabar naval exercise involving the US, Japan, and India, which includes more than 100 aircraft and 21 vessels. […]

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Indonesia Rename South China Ignores China’s Warning

Indonesia showed the newly assigned North Natuna Sea on Friday when it unveiled a new official map of the national archipelago. It shows current negotiations with Southeast Asian neighbors and the 2016 findings of the Permanent Court of Arbitration at The Hague in the Netherlands on the dispute in the South China Sea between China […]

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Japan and China Flag

China – the World watching Japan’s Next Move

Related to  the reports about Japan is supplying maritime patrol aircraft to the Philippines, several public figures and personalities  have come up into their views and opinions. One of them is top Chinese diplomat assumed that the world is watching Japan’s reactions as the 70th anniversary of the end of World War II. The Japanese […]

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China JH-7A Fighter-Bomber to boost for PLA’s electronic Warfare Capability

The People’s Liberation Army is excited that its innovative JH-7A “Flying Leopard” fighter bomber can help equip China a much-needed boost in aerial electronic warfare. The JH-7A is an upgraded version of the JH-7 twin-engine fourth generation aircraft manufactured by the Xi’an Aircraft Industry Corporation. The fighter-bomber is said to be the most important step […]

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Chinese Military is Gearing Its Aide to Jungle Warfare with Brazil

Chinese military seek for assistance in the developing jungle warfare training capabilities in Brazil. The Brazilian officials in Centro de Instruçao de Guerra na Silve (CIGS), Brazil’s jungle warfare training center, revealed that China had booked with them to train their military force. China now asks Brazil assistance to provide trainers to the program of […]

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China First Island and Second Island Chain

China to Control Western Pacific

The Chinese People’s Liberation Army is setting up to broaden its air surveillance and attack capabilities to the Western Pacific which consist the vicinity of Japan, ensuring its domination of the air. They also emphasizes the requirement to develop and enhance nine types of “strategic equipment” such as a new type bomber and a Terminal […]

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