China’s People’s Liberation Army Air Force To Continue Flight Drill

The Chinese People’s Liberation Army Air Force will keep handling drills at sea regardless of whatever obstacle it may encounter, China’s state broadcaster announced, following reports that Chinese warplanes crossed near Japan and Taiwan in recent days.

The actions have faced and bought with a variety of forms of opposition and obstacle, but no matter the obstacle is, they continue it.

“No matter who shadows us we will fly often and frequently,” he said, adding that the flights were legal and reasonable.
Earlier this month, The air force stated on its microblog that its planes had recently traveled through both the Miyako Strait — which lies within two southern Japanese islands.

The spokesperson said such drills are in accordance with international law, legitimate, reasonable and justified. Operations were not intended to target any countries but a requirement of China’s military and national defense building, Shen said.

The air force plans to safeguard national sovereignty and territorial integrity, as well as the concerns of the country’s air safety through taking out actual combat drills, he said.

China is in a territorial conflict with some of its neighbors in the East and the South China Sea.

In the South China Sea, China has rival claims to the territory with the Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia, Brunei, and Vietnam.

China and Japan have been involved in a territorial conflict in the East China Sea over the Senkaku Islands, recognized as the Diaoyus in China.

The United States, which has a military presence in the regions, has backed up China’s rival claimants in the territorial disputes.