Headless Bodies Found by Security Forces in Basilan

A police report on Monday, t they saw the decomposing bodies of seven Filipino farmers who were abducted and beheaded by Abu Sayyaf gunmen believed to be the victims of kidnappings in two towns on the southern island of Basilan.

Two of the seven killed men were abducted two weeks ago by gunmen under Abu Sayyaf sub-commander Furuji Indama, who has been criticized for abductions and beheadings in the past, according to Chief Inspector Tara Leah Cuyco, the regional police spokeswoman.

The military said the victims did not belong to a group of 23 hostages being held for ransom by Abu Sayyaf. According to the police report, bodies recognized by the clothes of the victims had been wearing when they were taken, and identification cards are also found on them.

Regional police spokeswoman Tara Leah Cuyco said that they were kidnaped at gunpoint two weeks ago by a man named Furiji Indama, a sub-commander of Isnilon Hapilon.