Philippine Navy First Strategic Sealift Vessel Arrived

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Philippine Navy Spokesperson Capt. Lued Lincuna confirmed in a message that the countries first ever Strategic Sealift Sessel (SSV), the BRP Tarlac (LD-601), arrived Last Saturday midnight. The country’s first SSV docked at Pier 13 where the Ship and the Crew will undergo Customs Immigration Quarantine.

The first Indonesian – built SSV was designated as BRP Tarlac have already undergone sea trials prior to its arrival in the Philippines. Navy Spokesman confirmed, the BRP Tarlac left Surabaya Shipyard on May 9 and entered the country by sailing through Sibutu passage, Tawi- Tawi.

The procurement is a part of the Php 3.87 billion two-vessel contract entered into by the Philippine government with an Indonesian Ship Builder PT PAL Persero.

The country has two SSV  orders with PT PAL (Persero) Indonesia worth  Php 3.8 Billion which was sourced from AFP Modernization Fund.  Pesero was declared as the single calculated responsive bidder on November 18, 2014.

The SSV acquisition project for the Philippine Navy was initiated upon the approval of Defense Acquisition Decision Memorandum Number 2012-060 by Defense Secretary Voltaire Gazmin last October 2013.

The Strategic Sealift Vessel Specs;

  • It can carry up to two 10- ton helicopters with enclosed hangar for a 10 – ton helicopter
  • The ship is estimated to weigh around 7,300 gross register tons
  • Can carry up to two 123 meters landing craft utility vessels
  • Crewmembers up to 126 and has a lift capacity of 500 troops
  • To be armed with two 25mm guns and 76mm main gun.

The ship will also serve as the Philippine Navy’s command center by carrying out the main purpose as military sealift and transport vessels.

The ship was named to BRP Tarlac (LD-601) and it’s equipped with;

  • modern navigations
  • surface search radar
  • air search radar
  • electronic warfare system
  • electro-optical fire control system and combat management system

The Strategic Sealift Vessel (SSV) is considered a very important asset for civil-military operations due to its capability to transport a large number of soldiers, logistics, and supplies.

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