China Open Movie Theater in West Philippine Sea

China opens movie theater on disputed island in the South China Sea to entertain troops and residents station in the occupied island. According to state media, Chinese soldiers and residents on the controlled Islands in the disputed South China Sea can now go to the cinema after the first movie cinema opened its doors on Saturday.

The official Xinhua News Agency reported, Almost 200 residents and soldiers of Sansha city on Woody Island, called Yongxing Island by China, view a Chinese film and mark the opening of the country’s southernmost cinema.

China has been expanding its facilities in the islands under its control encouraging population agreements in the area, where Beijing also created artificial islands with facilities for garrison as well as airstrip reinforcing its authority over the area.

Chen Zijian, the general manager of Hainan Film Company, which runs the cinema, told they have also bought two mobile projection units and plan to screen films for free on more islands within the municipality to meet the needs of residents.

The theater and facilities could help residents and soldiers take their minds off the heated dispute over the South China Sea.

Last week the U.S. approved the freedom of navigation operations in the South China Sea which challenge China’s expansive maritime claims.