British Navy Escorted Chinese Warship in English Channel

The Royal Navy intercept a  group of Chinese warship as it sailed through the English Channel to attend Russian vessels for maneuvers in the Baltic Sea.

In a display of Britain’s defense capabilities, the Type 23 frigate intercept the Chinese destroyers as they sailed through the Strait of Dover over the weekend.

Just days earlier, the advanced guided missile destroyers had taken part in in live firing exercises in the Mediterranean.

The Royal Navy is no stranger to escorting foreign vessels through the English Channel.

China’s state-run Global Times newspaper stated that the PLA Navy Type 052D, is the country’s “most advanced guided-missile destroyer,” was holding a part in the week-long joint drills. The newspaper also added the warship is equipped with phased array radar and a vertical launching system.

The drills mark the first occasion that Chinese warships should ever take out maneuvers in the Baltic Sea.

Prof Ni, director of the Shanghai University of Political Science, Said that China and Russia have guaranteed to enhance their strategic relationship by regularly staging military drills.

Every year, the two countries have held joint drills, and military officials in China announced this year’s maneuvers would focus on joint rescue efforts and protecting cargo vessels.