China First Island and Second Island Chain

China to Control Western Pacific

The Chinese People’s Liberation Army is setting up to broaden its air surveillance and attack capabilities to the Western Pacific which consist the vicinity of Japan, ensuring its domination of the air. They also emphasizes the requirement to develop and enhance nine types of “strategic equipment” such as a new type bomber and a Terminal High Altitude Area Defense ground-base interceptor system with an eye specifically towards United States, which is strengthening it so-called pivot to Asia.

The strategic equipment consist also a high-speed air-launched cruise missile, a large transport plane and air ship that moves in the upper atmosphere, a next generation fighter, unmanned attack aircraft, air force satellites and precision-guided bombs.

The purpose of broadening is to scope of surveillance from a “first-island chain” linking Taiwan, Okinawa and the Philippines and the “second-island chain linking Izu island chain, Guam and Papua New Guinea. By broadening the scope it enhance the ability to attack U.S bases.