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Chinese Marine Corps Hold Aggressive Drill to Win War

The Chinese Marine Corps recently conducted massive amphibious landing drills in a move that, according to specialists, “it is aimed at gathering experience and winning wars.”

Two ships involved in the drills are the Baxianshan landing ship from the People’s Liberation Army’s East China Sea Fleet and the Luoxiaoshan landing ship from the PLA South China Sea Fleet.

Reported by China Central Television (CCTV), the scenario of the drill is, upon reaching the target area, high-speed boats clear the landing ships for obstacle and clearing the area, as naval camouflaged ZTD-05 advanced amphibious assault vehicles followed and launched strikes at targets on the land as they closed in.

Under the PLA Navy, the Marine Corps is a combined force responsible for amphibious combat, including special operations such as surveillance, landing, and assault.

The exercises are taking place at an undisclosed location, and the drills include the boarding of amphibious armored vehicles onto landing ships and land assaults, state-run Global Times.