China Try to Stop Land Reclamation Topic at ASEAN Meeting

During ASEAN meeting,  South China Sea is the focus and would be the talk for that forum, yet Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi reiterate that it is not the platform to talk about the South China Sea issues. Tensions over the South China Sea are expected to overshadow the annual meeting and it should not be the appropriate forum to discuss the matter he added.

The members of ASEAN have given their views and opinion about the issue.  According to Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak  “It is time for ASEAN’s united voice to be heard more frequently at multilateral fora.” citing  Global issues such as rise of radicalization and extremism and irregular movements of people, which cannot be resolved by one nation alone.

Another one is Albert Del Rosario, Foreign Minister of the Philippines made a clear statement pointing China for having a massive reclamation on the disputed area.

Lastly is the U.S Secretary of State John Kerry said that the U.S wanted a region where countries work together to prevent small disputes from growing into large one.

A series of meetings held, members and concerns take part and exchange views on regional issues that will come up for the betterment among the regions.