Filipino Fisherman Remove Chinese Buoys on Scarborough Shoal

A group of Filipino fishermen discovered three lengthy floating containment booms or buoys located in 3 different Barangays about 6 miles from the disputed Bajo de Masinloc ( Scarborough Shoal) the shoal is about 125 nautical miles (230km) West of the Philippines. The fishermen said they did not know why the buoys were there because there was no sign of any oil spills.

The buoys have markings appear to indicate ownership by China. The markings showed the company that manufactured it and  even has phone numbers. Nine fishermen found the orange – colored floating booms in the sea off Zambales and they towed the booms toward the shore and brought them to 3 barangays – Sitio Lanao, San Agustin and Sto. Rosario.

They seem to have been placed thee to set the boundary for fishermen in Zambales. This will eventually limit the areas where they can go fishing and harvesting other marine resources , the primary sources of livelihood for these Zambales fisherfolk.

China claims almost the entire South China Sea, believed to be rich in energy deposits, where about $5 trillion (225 Billion Pesos) in ship-borne goods pass every year.

On the other hand Brunei, Malaysia, The Philippines, Vietnam and Taiwan also have conflicting claims in the area.