Japan Expects 5 Trillion Defense Budget for 2016

Japan’s Ministry of Defense will likely make a record budget request for fiscal 2016 as it seeks to buy new airborne refueling aircraft and continue building Aegis destroyer. The ministry expects to request a budget of more than 5 trillion yen (1.84 Trillion Pesos or $ 40.3 billion) for fiscal 2016. It will be the first time for the Defense Ministry to request money for and spend it on.

The government is currently seeking to pass a set of bills that would allow Japan to exercise the right of collective self-defense. If the bills become law during the current parliamentary session, Japan’s Self-Defense Forces would be able to conduct greater logistical support of U.S and other allied armed forces.

Japan actively support the Philippines and other ASEAN Nations economically and militarily.

In addition the ministry in fiscal 2016 will budget expense for building an Aegis destroyer equipped with the latest ballistic missile defense system. This would enable Japan to respond to missile targeting U.S vessels, a scenario envisioned by the government in rationalizing the defense-related bills.