Philippine Army Night Fighting System Acquisition

The Department of National Defense (DND) will spend more than Php 1 billion pesos to acquire night fighting system for the Philippine Army. The procurement will be done through open competitive bidding procedures as provided by the implementing rules of the procurement law. The bidding is open to both foreign and local bidders subject to eligibility requirements set by the law.

The equipment to be purchased will be the night fighting system usually includes night vision goggles and rifle add-ons that can illuminate targets.

The Night Vision Monocular (NVM) is a single tube used during night operations that can be weapon-mounted or helmet-mounted. The Laser Zeroing Device (LZD) is a tool used for zeroing the sight of the weapon and the infrared  is inserted in the barrel to ensure that the Infrared Aiming Device (IRAD) is aiming the right target and aligned with the barrel.

There will be two deliveries for each set of components. Half or 2,232 sets of NVM and IRAD should be delivered to the Department of National Defense  within 210 calendar days after the opening of a letter of credit and the remaining should follow within 420 calendar days from the opening of the letter of credit.

The same applicable to the delivery of the IRAD sets. Meanwhile, 248 sets of the Laser Zeroing Device should be delivered within 129 calendar days and the remaining half should follow 420 calendar days from the opening of the letter of credit.