Japan Beechcraft TC-90

Japan to Provide 3 Maritime Patrol Plane to the Philippines

Japan wants to grant planes to the Philippines for them to use  for patrolling  in the disputed Spratly  Islands and Scarborough Shoals which is located in the South China Sea.  Japan was recommending  the three 3 Beechcraft TC-90 King planes that could be built-in with basic surface and air surveillance radar. The process of acquiring the planes were undergo preliminary  within the Japanese government and would need to overcome legal hurdle .

Japan had yet to officially propose the planes as an alternative to more refined Lockheed Martin P3-C aircraft that will be used to trail Chinese submarine activity.

Providing aircraft  even small planes  would represent a military improvement for the Philippines, which has only a handful of fixed-wing aircraft  it can set out on maritime patrols. Equipping Philippines with maritime-capable patrol planes would merge more well-developed security for the country.

On the other hand, the Philippines and Japan have conducted two naval exercises in and around the South China Sea last May 2015.