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Japan Beechcraft TC-90

Japan to Provide 3 Maritime Patrol Plane to the Philippines

Japan wants to grant planes to the Philippines for them to use  for patrolling  in the disputed Spratly  Islands and Scarborough Shoals which is located in the South China Sea.  Japan was recommending  the three 3 Beechcraft TC-90 King planes that could be built-in with basic surface and air surveillance radar. The process of acquiring […]

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Japan Fastest Train

Japan to Provide 88 Billion to Build Philippine Railways

Japan has assured the Philippines about US$2 billion in soft loans to improve the Philippines’ crumbling railway system, a biggest ever support for the Filipino project. The amount is about 240 billion-yen or 88 billion pesos in the Philippine Currency,  it’s a clear indication of continued better  cooperation between the former Second World War foes […]

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