Philippine Navy AW109 Power Helicopter

Maximize the Newly Acquired Ordnance for the Philippine Navy

The two Landing Class Heavy from Australia and additional two AgustaWestland AW109 Power helicopters were blessed during a joint ceremony on Monday.

During the Ceremony  President Aquino told the newly appointed Navy Chief Rear Admiral Caesar C. Taccad that his responsibilities are no joke concerning the threats and country’s  security. At the same time he trust the navy chief would pursue the Navy’s Strategic Sail Plan 2020.

Rear Admiral Caesar Taccad is replacing the outgoing Vice-Admiral Jesus C. Milan, who  reached the military’s mandatory retirement age.

The Additional Landing Class Heavy

The Philippine government plans to purchase three more Landing Craft Heavy (LCH) after the two newly acquired vessels namely the Barko ng Republika ng Pilipinas (BRP) Ivatan and Batak that arrived earlier this August 2015. With these vessel  it could render into the boosting of the maritime capability of the Philippine Navy to transport personnel, equipment and aid during humanitarian assistance and relief operations.

The Armament 

The Landing Craft Heavy are equipped with Sensors and I-band navigational radar with an armament of two 7.62mm machine guns. While the helicopters are equipped with maritime air surveillance, amphibious air support operations, weather search radar and forward-looking infrared systems. It also armed with caliber 50 machine gun and 2.75-inch rockets.  With these capability,  it enhances maritime surveillance patrol and close air support for ground troops.