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Philippines Shipbuilding Law Move Forward

A Naval Architecture bill is proposed for the local shipbuilding industry that would upgrade and strengthen the Philippine Army . The bill’s principal author, Angkla party-list Rep. Jesulito Manalo said House Bill 5535 will be a pattern shift towards uplifting the already inappropriate practice of naval architecture and marine engineering in the Philippines. The proposed bill already passed third and final reading.

Once the bill is accurately enacted into law, our country can further increase its authority in the global maritime fleet and position itself as a regional maritime and logistics focal point, especially at a time when the science of Naval Architecture takes a bigger significance.

The Philippines ranked fourth among the world biggest shipbuilding nations since 2010 with the local development of the operations of foreign shipbuilders. With this bill, it will boost in line for developing the domestic manufacturing industry through technology transfer and for the AFP would be of great help that will propel economic potential for our local shipbuilders.

The shipbuilding law will also appraise to empower Filipino architects to become more competitive and proficient in their line of work, through relevant and up-to-date training and education advocate to global standard and conventions.