Airbus C-295 Light lift

Philippine Air Force Allocates 4.2 Million to C295 Spare Parts

The Philippine Air Force allocate  P42 million budget  for the purchase of spare parts for the communication navigation and environmental systems of  Medium lift C-295 transport aircraft.

The bid is open to all who have purchase the bidding certificates worth P5,000. The pre-bid meeting is scheduled on Thursday, September 3, 2015 at the Air Force Procurement Center in Villamor Air Base in Pasay City and  the deadline for the submission of bids and opening of the bids is on September 17.

The Airbus C-295 medium-lift transport aircraft  was delivered and commissioned into the service lately.It can hold as much as 71 passengers, 50 paratroopers, 24 stretchers with up to seven attendants, or up to about 9 tons of cargo.

The aircraft is part of the three C-295s ordered from Airbus Defense and Space in February 2014 worth P5.29 billion as part of the ongoing modernization program of the Armed Forces. Remaining two aircraft are expected to arrive by end of this year or early 2016.