A Beneficial Gain: Brazil to Train Filipino Pilots

In February 2016, Philippine Ambassador to Brazil Jose D.R. Burgos met with Lieutenant  Brigadier (General) Nivaldo Luis Rossato, Commander of Brazilian Air Force.

General Rossato informed our Ambassador Burgos that Brazil is willing to offer training for Philippine Air Force officials and pilots, from company grade to more senior levels, particularly on flight security and air traffic control. Training offered will last between six (6) months to one (1) year and that includes sending Brazilian trainers to the Philippines.

Exchange of visit of Air Force officials from both countries to further expand cooperation and deepen ties in areas of mutual concern, according to Ambassador Burgos. Further possibility of Brazilian Air Force officials joining the AFP Command and Staff College (GSC) program and  the Master of National Security Administration (MNSA) program of the National Defense College of the Philippines (NDCP).

Almost eighty (80) per cent of criminality of Brazil involves widespread criminality brought about by rampant drug smuggling and drug use. In cooperation with the Philippines who are in the same page as theirs concludes a future of strong hold to anti-drug trafficking cooperation agreement.

Ambassador Burgos praised Brazilian Army’s readiness to disasters and emergencies such as its significant role in Operation Zika Zero, a nationwide campaign in Brazil to stamp-out the breeding grounds of Aedisegypti mosquito which carries Zika virus.