ASW Helicopter

Philippine Navy Anti Submarine Helicopter

AgustaWestland is an aircraft manufacturer that was chosen by Department of National Defense (DND) to be the possible supplier of two (2) ASW helicopters named AW-159 “Wildcat”, an anti-submarine helicopters dealt with in the late 2015.

AgustaWestland is currently in the stage of post-qualification check of DND with its 5.4 billion-peso helicopter project. This way, it will be held as background check  to the supplier of its capabilities and capacities to deliver the equipment on time and comply with the basic as well as the general specifications demanded by Department of National Defense.

Two brand new AW-159 “Wildcat” was offered to the Philippines as our newest asset. Known to be an anti-submarine helicopter, ordered before by the British Army and the United Kingdom’s Royal Army.

The AW-159 was previously named as “Future Lynx” and “Lynx Wildcat”. The newest version that is offered to the Philippines is an improved version of Westland Super Lynx Military Helicopter.

Specifications of the desired craft was specified herein. It includes a crew of two, has a maximum speed of 291 km/h (181 mph), range of 777 km (483 miles). Ferry range of 963 km (598 miles) and an endurance of one and a-half hours (four hours and thirty minutes if fitted with auxiliary fuel).

AW-159 is fitted with forward firing CRV7 rockets and machine guns, mounted machine gun, Sea Skua missiles and Sting-Ray torpedoes and depth charges.

ASW helicopter, along with six other project in lieu of military modernization projects signed by President Benigno Aquino III, has been granted with a blessing of “multi-year contract” last November 2015. Six others includes two missile-armed frigates, eight amphibious assault vehicles, two long-range patrol aircrafts, six close-air support aircraft, munitions for the brand new FA-50PH jet fighters and surveillance radars.

Multi-year contract will allow to pursue the military modernization program beyond Aquino’s term. Seven project enumerated above shall be deemed paid from 2015 to 2018 with a total  value of 44 billion pesos.