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The Philippine Marines conducted a live round firing exercise utilizing their towed howitzer artillery units. These powerful weapons, which have a 105mm  caliber, are designed to support ground troops by softening the enemy’s defenses, illuminating the battlefield, and destroying key targets. The howitzers are versatile and can be used in various types of operations such as counterinsurgency, defense, and offense.

During the exercise, the Marines practiced different firing techniques and strategies to ensure they are prepared to use the howitzers in real-world operations. The exercise was conducted under the supervision of experienced artillery officers who provided guidance and instruction to the troops. The Marines were able to successfully fire live rounds, hitting their designated targets accurately and efficiently.

The use of towed howitzers is vital in modern warfare as they provide long-range firepower, allowing the troops to engage the enemy from a safe distance. These artillery units are operated by highly trained and skilled troops who are capable of performing various firing tasks such as direct and indirect fire, as well as providing close air support.

The Philippine Marines have deployed these artillery units in various parts of the country, ensuring that they are ready to support ground troops in any situation. The live round firing exercise was a crucial step in ensuring the readiness and capability of the Marines to use these powerful weapons in real-world operations. The exercise also served as a valuable opportunity for the troops to practice their skills and fine-tune their techniques, allowing them to be better prepared for any eventuality.

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