Argentine Navy Submarine Found After a Year of Disappearance

The Argentine Navy and Defense Ministry confirmed last Friday that the missing ARA San Juan submarine located at a depth of around 800 meters.

The discovery of the submarine, a year after it went disappeared in stormy weather, announced that had found close to the ocean floor, officials said on Saturday.

Argentine officials lost radio contact with the submarine in November  2017 and were unable to locate the missing sub in following days and months.

Some naval officials are under investigation for allegedly allowing the submarine to go on an extended mission as they are warned of mechanical failure that needed immediate inspection, according to testimony in federal court.

“Their sense of purpose, their sacrifice, and self-giving for the nation should inspire us all,” Macri said, according to The Associated Press.

The submarines were discovered by U.S. company Ocean Infinity, which was in charge of the search operation. The company sent out mini-submarines to the seabed, and one returned with precise photo evidence of the wreckage of the submarine.