Taiwanese Coast Guard Vessel Threw Stun Grenade at Chinese fishermen

Reported by CNA, on Thursday the Chinese fishing vessels crossed the maritime boundary between China and Taiwan in the waters of Matsu. Despite several warnings by a Taiwanese Coast Guard to leave Taiwan maritime border, the sailors of the Chinese fishing boats refused and threw rocks at the Taiwanese vessel.

The Coast Guard patrol boat crew retaliated by firing a stun grenade at one of the Chinese fishing vessels. Frightened by the explosion, the Chinese fishermen beat a hasty retreat.

Chinese fishing vessels have been seen trespassing on the waters off Matsu in recent days.

To ensure the security of the area, the Maritime Patrol Directorate forwarded a patrol ship from Penghu in addition of two special service patrol boats and eight Coast Guard seamen were deployed to the area to increase both the force and to prevent Chinese fishing vessels from crossing over the maritime border.